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SARC January-February 2023 Communicator Amateur Radio Journal

 Ready for another great year!

'The Communicator' digital periodical of Surrey Amateur Radio Communications is now available for viewing or download.

Read in over 145 countries now, with almost 10,000 downloads for the November-December issue, we bring you over 100 pages of Amateur Radio news from the South West corner of Canada and elsewhere. With less fluff and ads than other Amateur Radio publications, you will find Amateur Radio related articles, projects, profiles, news, tips and how-to's for all levels of the hobby.

You can view or download it as a .PDF file:  

Previous Communicator issues are at:

and a full index is HERE.  

As always, thank you to our contributors, and your feedback is always welcome. 

The deadline for the next edition is February 15th.

If you have news or events from your club or photos, stories, projects or other items of interest from BC or elsewhere, please contact us at


John VE7TI

'The Communicator' Editor


80 Meter ARDF (Fox) Receivers

Better than ever! 

Amateur Radio direction finding (ARDF), also known as Fox Hunting has become easier and more exciting using 80m. More and more kids are participating in our annual event and learning about radio. No transmitter, so no license required. 

See the 'How-to' video at

This is a project by Surrey Amateur Radio Communications in support of the hobby


The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens

Remembering the amateur radio account by Gerry Martin W7WFP On Sunday, March 27, 1980, a series of volcanic explosions and pyroclastic flows...

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