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Getting to know GNURadio

Make a working receiver and more on your computer

At our January 2024 monthly general meeting (held via Zoom) Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD/Kn7Q presented on GNURadio,

What is this GNU?

Aside from the wild beasts of Africa, GNURadio is an open-source software toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software-defined radios (SDRs) and other digital signal processing systems. It allows users to design, simulate, and deploy radio systems in software, enabling the development of a wide range of radio communication applications.

Here are some key aspects of GNU Radio:

Software-Defined Radio (SDR): GNU Radio is widely used in the field of SDR, where radio functionality is implemented in software rather than hardware. This provides flexibility, allowing users to modify and experiment with radio protocols, waveforms, and processing algorithms.

Signal Processing Blocks: GNU Radio provides a collection of signal processing blocks that users can connect to create custom signal flow graphs. These blocks perform functions like modulation, demodulation, filtering, frequency shifting, and more. Users can combine these blocks to create complex radio systems.

Wide Range of Applications: GNU Radio can be used to develop a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Communication Systems: Design and implement various communication protocols, such as AM, FM, SSB, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Radar Systems: Create radar signal processing chains for applications like target detection and tracking.
  • Radio Astronomy: Process and analyze radio signals from space to study celestial objects.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Implement communication protocols for distributed sensor networks.

Extensibility and Customization: Users can extend GNU Radio by creating their own signal processing blocks, allowing for customization and the integration of specialized functionality.

Graphical User Interface (GNU Radio Companion): GNU Radio comes with a graphical tool called GNU Radio Companion (GRC), which allows users to visually design signal processing flow graphs. GRC simplifies the creation of complex radio systems by providing a drag-and-drop interface for connecting signal processing blocks.

Active Community: GNU Radio has a vibrant and active user community that contributes to its development. This community-driven approach results in continuous improvement, updates, and the sharing of knowledge and resources.

GNU Radio is widely used in academia, research, and industry for prototyping, experimenting, and implementing various radio communication systems. It plays a crucial role in advancing the field of software-defined radio and empowering individuals and organizations to explore and innovate in the domain of wireless communications.

You can watch Kevin's presentation on YouTube;

Kevin has included several links at the end of his presentation

Further Information:

In September 2023 Our Communicator journal included an excellent article by Kevin titled: "The  “What’s It?” Of WSPR" that touched on many of the same principles as GNURadio. 

Another of Kevin's articles, titled: "Introduction to Digital Radio" was published in our January 2024 edition. Both of these will provide excellent supporting information for Kevin's GNURadio presentation.



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