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VE7RSC Is On The Air!

High Above Downtown Surrey...

The day we have been anticipating for over 2 years has finally arrived.
Thanks to Steve Coleman VE7MAN and Dave Cameron VE7LTD, who put in most of the day installing our new repeaters, both 2m and 440 MHz including IRLP and Echolink are now working at Concord Pacific. Andy Lo of Surrey Fire, Kelvin Hall VA7KPH and John Brodie VA7XB “assisted”. 

What we now have is a first-class installation at the top of the 36 storey Concord Pacific high rise in Central Surrey.

The Sinclair antennas are pointed southeast but the pattern is roughly omni-directional, so we should see good propagation in all compass directions. 

So if you want to test the new 2m repeater, go to 147.360 MHz + with a tone of 110.9, and if you want to test 440 MHz, go to 443.775+ with a tone of 110.9.

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