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Thursday, January 9, 2020

'Get On The Air'

'Improve Your Signal' Presentation

Our first SARC General Meeting of 2020 was Wednesday, January 8th. 

One of our best attended presentations ever

As a result of feedback from our Basic courses, we planned a presentation and panel discussion around the basics of getting started in Amateur Radio. This was intended not only for new Hams but also those looking to improve their station capabilities.

We covered primarily VHF/UHF gear, antennas, power and accessories. Based on the interest in this session we will host a similar topic focusing of HF later in our meeting schedule.

We asked our SARC members to bring along any good used gear for sale and a few items showed up.

By request, here is the slide deck from the presentation:

We hope to have an accompanying guide available here shortly.

~ John VE7TI

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