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The SARC Foxhunt Is Coming Up

Postponed from May

With COVID restrictions in effect over the past few months, it has been some time since we have had any organized club activities.   So a no-fee foxhunt has been planned to get us moving again. 

What is a foxhunt?  Also called “radio direction finding”, It is a radio sport, a friendly competition to locate hidden transmitters using a handheld receiver which can determine direction of the transmitted signal.  It’s fun and it’s easy to learn the technique.  Check out the video at: 

There is an earlier post detailing fox hunting at:

Details can be found in the poster below.  Loaner equipment is available for those who don’t have an 80m foxhunt receiver, we can pair you with an experienced team, or you can purchase one for $125.

We ask that you confirm with Anton (email in the poster below) if you plan to participate.

We encourage participants to practice proper COVID precautions and to maintain social distancing at all times.

~ John Brodie VA7XB

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