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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Field Day 2022 (Saturday) Update

Here are a few photos of today's activities at VE7SAR and VE7HME

Our SEPAR - SARC Field Day 24-hour emergency communications exercise. Moon-bounce, satellites, Morse code and voice. Thank you to all our visitors, but especially to City of Surrey Councillors Brenda Locke & Linda Annis for recognizing that what we do as Amateur Radio operators and Surrey volunteers is more than just a hobby.

Left to right: City of Surrey Councillor Linda Annis,
Former Surrey Councillor and MLA Marvin Hunt,
and City of Surrey Councillor Brenda Locke

Councillor Brenda Locke checks out the SEPAR trailer
while Manvir Judge VA7BKI logs a contact.

Manvir VA7BKI one of our recent course graduates,
attempting a satellite contact 

Kevin VE7ZD/KN7Q at his EME (Moon-bounce) station

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