Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Ham's Night Before Christmas

A Christmas Classic

Here are the three video versions of A Ham's Night Before Christmas, one of KN4AQ's most popular productions.

First is the standard-definition original, produced in 2010. It's accumulated 62,000 views!.

Second, the Special Edition,is the high-definition remake produced in 2012, watched another 15,000 times

And finally the live version from 2016 (um, 400 views?*). In the Live version, Gary first describes how he came to write the poem back in 1996 and perform it in person at radio club meetings around North Carolina, then produce the various audio and video versions for YouTube. Then he recreates those radio club live performances — with feeling — over a playback of the video and music track. The Live version was produced for HamRadioNow Episode 283. That episode page has links to a text version of the story and the poem, and audio versions with and without music. You can play the no-music recording on the air (on your club net Christmas eve?).

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