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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

iCom Does It Again!

Miniaturization unrivalled by other manufacturers

Following on the heels of the innovative ’DigiTrix’ HF Transceiver Apple Watch app introduced last year at this time [see the April 2019 Communicator], iCom will be releasing its most compact handheld transceiver to date today.

The new iCom ‘Micro’ is a dual band 2m/70cm unit measuring only 3cm high, and weighing 20 grams! This ultra-portable boasts an impressive 5 Watts of power and uses revolutionary new dynamic inductance battery technology for extended operational periods.

The supplied ‘rubber duckie’ antenna is also unique in that is only extends 2cm from the transceiver yet delivers a great signal.

Small enough to fit almost anywhere,  and in any Grab ‘n Go kit, it’s sure to be a hit with the emergency communications community.

Well done iCom!

~ The Communicator March-April 2020

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