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New Fox Hunt (ARDF) Receivers Available Now


They work GREAT!

Second generation 80m ARDF foxhunt receivers designed by Les Tocko VA7OM and produced by Dave Miller VE7HR are now available.

The RX80M is ready to use, with no assembly required – comes complete with:

  • 9v battery
  • antenna
  • earbuds
  • internal 100 dB attenuator
  • tuning 3.51 MHz to 3.60 MHz 

Cost C$125.00 plus shipping by Canada Post/USPS or UPS Parcel.   

No volume or club discounts are available since the project is operated on a cost recovery basis by volunteers.  

To order, send email to and include:

  • Your name and callsign (optional)
  • Complete mailing address
  • Number of units required

Upon receipt of your order, further instructions regarding payment will be provided.

An instructional video describing how to use the RX80M is available at

Also… TX80M transmitters suitable for use with the RX80M will be available soon.

What is a foxhunt?  

Also called “radio direction finding”, It is a radio sport, a friendly competition to locate hidden transmitters using a handheld receiver which can determine direction of the transmitted signal.  It’s fun and it’s easy to learn the technique and you do not need an Amateur Radio license. 

There is an earlier post describing fox hunting at: 
The Communicator Digital Edition: Fox Hunting (

 Check out the videos at: and  

~ John VA7XB

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