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The Annual SARC Fox Hunt

 Despite COVID, another successful event

Saturday, August was the date for this year’s annual SARC ‘Fox’ Hunt. As usual the venue was in South Surrey’s Crescent Park, a large venue with both forested trails and fields suitable for a picnic. The weather cooperated wonderfully providing mild temperatures and blue skies after a couple of days of much needed rain.

The briefing started at 9am, once five 80m foxes had been hidden throughout the park. A beacon had been activated allowing the competitors, many of them first timers, to practice their ARDF skills.

At 10am the foxes automatically activated as programmed and the hunt was on.

This year there were approximately 25 hunters with a welcome complement of ‘Junior’ hunters joining the Novice and Advanced groups, and yes, the receivers are easy enough to use even for a 5-year old.

The first finisher returned after an amazing 22 minutes, impressive given the amount of territory that had to be covered.

What followed was a barbecue expertly prepared by Brenda James with assistance of Heather Brodie and Anitha and Anil Cherian… Thank you.

We also thank fox placers Jeremy VE7TMY, Jan VA7VJ and Thomas VE7TXL. Special thanks to Chief planner Anton VE7SSD, who once again provided a smooth running and fun family event.

~ John VE7TI

A video of a SARC Fox Hunt:


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