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Repair of an IC-208H head unit

Icom to the rescue...

It happened in a moment of inattention… I dropped my mic and the hanger caught the screen of the head unit of my Icom IC-208H. The crack was obvious but I thought I could make it less so. I applied some super glue, hoping it would seep in so that I could then polish it out. It didn't.

I found the service manual on-line and discovered that the repair would be relatively easy. But this transceiver is 16 years old, and unlikely a replacement part would be available. I’m a big Icom fan. My first transceiver was an Icom and I’ve owned several since with great success. I once had to send a Yaesu for repair. The nearest service facility was in California and it took just under a year before I got it back. We’re fortunate that Icom Canada has a service depot locally. Staff has always been very accommodating… like when I lost a knob from a handheld. I received a replacement within a day.

I called the depot  expecting to be disappointed. Surprise! The part was in stock, immediately available, and only a couple of dollars.

I remain an Icom fan. The gear works well, is well constructed, and is well-supported - even after years of use.

~ John VE7TI


1 comment:

  1. if you ever needed to actually repair something like that you could try LOCA glue with a trimmed peice of plastic or glass (if you can cut it. simply pour enough LOCA onto the plastic, place the glass on top of the broken screen and let the loca penetrate the crack and let the air evacuate between the glass and plastic. then wipe away any extra glue and place in the sun or use a uv lamp to cure. Ready in 5 min and optically invisible.



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